Chosen before Creation


Thursday, June 11, 2015
Chosen before Creation
John 15:16a Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, 
I have just started a Bible Study about King David. Today I did my first day of homework for the week. The tittle to this homework was called “Handpicked By God.” The verse used to open the lesson with was, “John 15:16.” After reading through and answering the questions I reflected on what God had revealed to me. Then my Holy Spirit dropped the verse, “Isaiah 61:3,” into my heart. God has replaced all my ashes for beauty. What makes this message so special is that for years I battled drug addiction; that soon became my bandaid to cover up the pain of being sexually abuse as a child by an adult family member. I had always wonder why I was chosen by that individual as their victim? Why could I not have had a normal relationship with them? What was so wrong with me that I had to be singled out? Though I had given that situation to God over 4 years ago and forgiven that person, this message brought tears to my eyes. The devil handpicked me as a target for that family member, who themselves had an addiction, to cause me pain that would last for years. The devil already had it all planned out of how he would cause me to grow bitter, angry, hateful, depressed and addicted to drugs, so that I would be a mess all my life. God had a plan too! He had already chosen me before the foundation of the world, to be adopted as His child through Jesus Christ my Savior, (Ephesians 1:4-5.) When God handpicked me, He already knew my ending from my beginning. Though I had to walk through many years of darkness, the light has never been so bright to me as it was today. When God showed me through this study and His Word, that He handpicked me and has given me beauty for my ashes. I am now His child and He has plans for me, to prosper and bring me an expected ending He had already predestination, (Jeremiah 29:11.) Always remember no matter what past life you lived, what miry pit you were pulled from or what dark storms you walked through as a result of the devil hand picking you. Know that God handpicked you before the world was even spoken into existence, and you have an expected ending that will bring glory to God.  
Heavenly Father thank You, for bringing this amazing Bible study to me. Lord I am so grateful that I have been handpicked by You, even before You created the world. Though I may hand walked through years of battling drug addiction, depression and anger, You Lord have redeemed me and exchanged my ashes for beauty. I pray to continue growing in Your Word daily as You reveal to me how I am set apart for a purpose with an expected ending, in Jesus name I pray, Amen. 


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